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black Friday

oooohhhh guys , Black Friday is here …
are you making a new resolution to end a bad habits? read this maybe we can call this a new year movement ? hold on we can call it in a cool way becoming Minimalist ?.
well, think better before you throw the trash ? my introduction to this is basically helping the planet by saving us from a bad habits , clothings , shopping … have you ever thought about how do you look like all the time ? I am so sorry for the so many questions , but in real life that’s how I start thinking for the last year .
one of the most reason that really kept me interested into this ,
A lot of clothing is made of organic material, meaning that it is derived from natural sources and is biodegradable. But landfills lack the oxygen needed for organic materials to break down so, when clothing does end up in a landfill, it decomposes through anaerobic digestion. This process results in the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases that, in a landfill, are largely uncontrolled and end up escaping into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change. Recycling 100 million pounds of clothes has an effect on the environment equivalent to removing 26,000-35,000 cars from the road.
check this website

Come visit me ,influencer Madrid

Madrid is the place when Hemingway call it

Where the nights get killed ” basically Madrid is the capital city of Spain of course why am I writing about this right now .

If you want to come and visit Madrid in the summer please be ready for the heart

You want to come and visit Madrid , and experience the Free Tour , Drinks and Tapas , pubcrawl , flamingo show and all this in one night and the prices are incredible

Best costumer service, clean place…. I can’t be anymore happier about my experience in this hostel… 🍹 🎉 🎊 💃

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Hello , readers

I am sorry , I’m not good at blogging art …

But hope you can forgive me and accept my stupidity …

I want to choose WordPress to be my blog where I can express and start my actual dream as a writer , or a blogger…

it seems not easy since I am not good at attracting people’s attention I don’t know how to sweet chat or talk I’m kind of cold , or maybe a bit salty …

I am not English mother tongue but still , I’m trying everyday to be able to express how I feel and write it down …

In those days when everyone pretending they don’t care or they are emotionless ..

I raise my hand and say : I Cry , I am a c

If you want to contact me use ur iG : @ikramology

Trying , or not …

To be honest , with all my grammatical mistake and my messy ideas and hair .

How can I make my blog working effectively , since I have a real chance to make it work . I like WordPress I like everything has to do with writing taking pictures … sharing stuff with people but it always seems difficult to organize my thought into a nice or attractive post to all people who would be interested to read my post.

Don’t , tell me ” follow the tradition paragraph writing skills , with introduction, ideas , statements … I leave it for scams

Any advice or any tips how to make my blog work and what should I write about ? Be glad you text me or comment here .

Girls this is a real talk

It took me so long to put my thoughts into a words <= I will explain that later maybe .

I decided to stop my dating life , what I mean is no more serious relationships . It is hard to be trapped into “third culture kid” , lonely and lost .

25 years ago my mom has put all her energy to create the I am living right now , since I am North African kid coming all the way from a small city in a Muslim country to live in Madrid

Speaking Arabic , French and English … hoping to learn Spanish … 😂 one of the reasons that it is hard from to write my ideas 💡 💡.

My friends and some people on my Social Media , sometimes tell me how inspiring I am to them , that I incorporated with so many things in life . Moroccan living in Madrid to study and work , living differently, being open on the internet and sharing my life and my personal ideas . I like the way I am , I do – but moving and hopping from one place to another , living abroad in a foreign country with foreign people and language , sound like hard and sad . Living with Moroccan influence , but I still feel home anywhere , and everywhere at the same time

My family they have their own life , it is sad 😞 since I don’t want to go back there , I want to create my space and find my own way and create my own life .

“Everyone you meet impacts you in somehow , good or bad .. you meet persons for a reason . To create you life and stories “.

Have a blessed week

Please share and push me more further to be more who I want to be

Pushed down

You know that feeling , you went from being bullied to become pushed down even when you had done nothing wrong .

When others pushed you down to just hide their insecurities, or to fit into society, or to make them feel better and superior than you.

Well , you know why I am writing this for you and myself ?

Just a reminder how to stay up when everything and everyone is geared to keep you down .

1: keep the hell moving .

Move forward , lose the past , the critic , the bully … start a new or finish your own story .

2: make a hell out of decisions

Make decisions even if they are “wrong ” or not working , don’t be ashamed or scared of making mistakes live is a moving time and space . The shame is to never stand up after falling …

3 : understand your self first .

Make peace with your self , understand , respect ✊ find a things to reward your self with . Do the stuff you like man .

Life is a competition , not with others !!!!!

It is with your self , not about who is the winner . It is about who is moving right and not giving up their manners , morality and self esteem. Instagram

State of mind , why our dreams die

I do believe everyone wakes up everyday , wants the same things.

Either to accomplish their dreams or to finish all they want sometimes is to finish your day and go back home for the rest … and again 🔄

You want to be successful, to enjoy life ,to have a good financial freedom and stability .

For everyone thats just an intermediary level of being mature enough to follow their dreams to assume responsibility , and to work hard 💪 to get it .

Why dreams die?

Well let me be so honest to you , and ask you what is your favorite excuse ?.

For example some said

” I am too old to do this “.

“I am a mother/father”. “I don’t have a lot of money/time” ….. etc

Notice 🚷🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 alert

” it is “you” the problem ”

You will never achieve a goal in your life If you keep telling those stuff to your self , and make a decision in your life if you want to let those fears win you over to give up your own happiness .

Don’t you want to wake up everyday , with positive energy and smile 😃 , happy thats you have accomplished some step toward your goals .

You can do it , I am doing it from the bottom .

Do your best even if you are tired , broke heart , alone , sick …..

Please comment and share your ideas and your experiences… I would love to hear from all of you

Push it down

Hello 3very one , do you still remember me .

Well I am a girl from a north of Africa the real north , and today I am sharing with you guys my first experience out of my city , my comfort zone .

Please subscribe to my blog and message me .

Some support to create this blog .

A lot of people pushed me down saying my English level is not good but you know what , Funk it . If you understand me , if I had one reader that the most important .

Face your Fears

have you watched      the Pursuit of Happiness  , or maybe The Wolf of The Wall Street  ? . This is how I feel right now but the different that I feel more like Mr , Smith …

because I have another dream than finishing my life just collecting money but to actually live and be zen, my dream is so like everyone else because I want to bring the good in things, I believe … two kind of people the  benevolent , the Egoist … I more leader than a boss but sometimes you have to be both but I am not sure if it is correct to mix morals with money ….

Working all the 7h trying to convince a client , to trust  me within a phone call to claim their personal compensation : well , this is the hard way to sell or promote a company  without facing the clients . I believe this is a good experience for me as a young discovering girl in a work fields . I have chosen in life to experience my fears  which I have to face and deal with , it could be a job that you have never thought you will work in , this challenge is what I am following .

As I believe that You guys are not interested in my life , and you may ask why this for … but have ever thought about doing another things beside planning your life and your  career … then you can find your self  by experiencing another things that you fear or  you can not be able to do .

1 : I am from Africa (Mind my English).

2: I am student , working

3 : I am not good at expressing my thoughts

sorry for the inconvenience.