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Face your Fears

This is a random thoughts from a random Girl , please have a look at it and give me your comments and feedback you may help .

have you watched      the Pursuit of Happiness  , or maybe The Wolf of The Wall Street  ? . This is how I feel right now but the different that I feel more like Mr , Smith …

because I have another dream than finishing my life just collecting money but to actually live and be zen, my dream is so like everyone else because I want to bring the good in things, I believe … tow kind of people the  benevolent , the Egoist … I more leader than a boss but sometimes you have to be both but I am not sure if it is correct to mix morals with money ….

Working all the 7h trying to convince a client , to trust  me within a phone call to claim their personal compensation : well , this is the hard way to sell or promote a company  without facing the clients . I believe this is a good experience for me as a young discovering girl in a work fields . I have chosen in life to experience my fears  which I have to face and deal with , it could be a job that you have never thought you will work in , this challenge is what I am following .


As I believe that You guys are not interested in my life , and you may ask why this for … but have ever thought about doing another things beside planning to your life and your  career … then you can find your self  by experiencing another things that you fear or  you can not be able to do .

1 : I am from Africa (Mind my English).

2: I am student , working

3 : I am not good at expressing my thoughts


sorry for the inconvenience.